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Original Title: A Force Of One

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller









































When the detectives of an undercover police unit are being mysteriously killed by a martial artist, a professional kickboxer is hired to assist them.
A team of undercover narcotics agents is conducting an investigation when things mysteriously begin to go haywire. One by one, the squad is eliminated by an assassin. To help discover the identity of the karate killer, the police enlist the aid of karate champion Matt Logan.
i liked this early Chuck Norris flick,although interestingly,Jennifer O'Neill got top billing,not not a masterpiece or anything,but it's entertaining,and the acting is decent enough.the story is not completely original,but i liked what they did with it.they made it interesting's well paced and not boring.on a side note,Pat E. Johnson(martial arts choreographer on all four Karate Kid films,and Ninth Degree black belt under Chuck Norris)co wrote the story and has a cameo as a karate match referee.anyway,in my opinion,you could do a lot worse with eighty five minutes or so of your time.for me,A Force of One is a 6/10
The 70s saw the explosion of martial arts movies and with it the introduction of Chuck Norris. Few remember that he began as a bad guy, a hit-man called in to slay Bruce Lee in "Way of the Dragon." In that flick, a brutish young Norris, looking all muscle and chest hair, met his death at the hands of the invincible Lee. But Norris went on to play the hero - as a cop, martial arts trainer or American soldier - in a string of action movies through the 70s and 80s.

"Force of One" was one of the best. It features Norris as Matt Logan, a karate champion and trainer, who is called upon by the local police to help them break a drug ring. The ring employs a shadowy assassin who uses martial arts to kill cops that get to close to cracking the case. The movie starts with two undercover cops following a skateboarding kid, suspected of dealing drugs, into an empty store. Within minutes, the cops are ambushed by a silent masked killer who expertly snaps both their necks. The killer first punishes them with kicks so powerful they raise them right off the floor, letting us know early on that this is no average street thug, but rather a highly trained martial artist.

The scene cuts to Norris battering an opponent in a kickboxing match. Norris looks like the champ he is with a chiseled fighter's physique and lighting fast moves. Later at his karate school, Lt. Dunne (Clu Gulager) asks him for his help in training cops in martial arts. Though Norris is busy preparing for his upcoming championship fight, he's implored by a beautiful policewoman, played Jennifer O'Neill, and by his adopted teenage son Charlie, himself a junior karate champ, to help stop the flow of drugs to kids.

At first the cops themselves are resistant to the training, thinking it's just a gimmick. Moskowitz (James Whitmore, Jr.,) a tough street cop, grumbles "What good does it do me to be able to bust a two by four with my bare hands?" Meanwhile two more cops are seen following the same young skateboarder. It's obvious the kid is just a decoy to lure cops into danger. He does his job well and watches as the assassin gets the drop on the cops and again snuffs each officer with expert karate moves.

Chuck's romance with Jennifer O'Neil starts to bloom, while his son Charlie starts some sleuthing on his own. When they all attend a karate match together to check out Chuck's next opponent, we are introduced to Jerry Sparks, played by Bill Wallace. Wallace was a world champion martial artist for real and his ability to win matches with savage kicks gave him the nickname "Superfoot." Superbly muscled, his physical presence makes a perfect foil for the sculpted Norris. When Charlie discovers that Wallace is the mysterious assassin, he tries to fight him, but he's no match for Superfoot's lethal feet. When his body is found, Norris vows revenge and the final showdown between the two warriors is set.

Their fight is the highpoint of the movie. Evenly matched, Norris and Wallace duke it out, with Wallace's feet and Chuck's fists front and center. Finally, Chuck turns the tables and delivers a devastating kick of his own. He grabs the stunned Wallace's neck and twists around, hauling him onto his back and "hanging" him. He keeps the hold on long after Superfoot's body has gone limp, exacting a brutal revenge for his slain son. With his execution, the rest of the drug ring is easily rounded up. This fight is the climax of an exciting movie which is worth viewing just to see these two martial arts champions in action.

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