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Original Title: La Tigresa

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Mystery,Thriller


















































Just two things: 1. This movie is also known as "Santo V.S. La Tigresa" which is a very misleading and unfortunate title because Santo does not fight against La Tigresa or something like that. So don't expect a fight between both popular characters.

2. A little background info on La Tigresa. Well, her real name is Irma Serrano. She was a very popular actress in Mèxico's trashy cinema era; then she tried to pursue a more serious acting career. Not so long after that, she became a senator for Mèxico. Still, she managed to combine her political activities with her social life and also continued on the acting business. She's widely known in Mèxico for her scandals, and for her adoration for Lucifer. In her HUGE mansion she has big statues of Lucifer and she openly says she sold her soul to him. Hmmm. Interesting background for a movie character eh? Sadly, it's real life.

Well in this movie, La Tigre (still "young") is attacked by a mysterious maniac for apparently no reason. She has this huge Hacienda and that's where the attack happens.

So her millionaire dad hires Santo in order to investigate what's behind the attack. So there you have a plot. Santo works as an investigator but has the enough time to wrestle.

The movie is a poor excuse to show Serrano's singing abilities on the cabaret. There aren't memorable action sequences unlike in other Santo monster movies. This is more of a drama with light action. Expect many scenes where Santo and Tigresa walk in the big hacienda and other exteriors.

Santo has regular on screen time and does not manages to show his fighting abilities. Heck! Even Tigresa kicks some asses with her whip! Now, that's trash cinema. If Irma Serrano is an action character, it means you are in front of a horrible movie.

My advice is, to avoid this piece of trash that was obviously a try to make Serrano a famous movie character.


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