vertical roller mill technology to deal

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vertical roller mill technology to deal

Ora: 14 Giugno 2018 presso 18:00 a 5 Giugno 2019 presso 19:00
Luogo: shanghai
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Gold is one of the most precious metal resources. As gold resources continue to be explored, the number of easily-processable ore is depleting and depleting. Complex ore and refractory ore have become the major sources of gold production. Today, the continuous development of vertical roller mill technology has made it one of the main means to break the difficult gold mine.

Difficult to deal with gold ore, also known as refractory metallurgical ore, refractory gold ore, generally refers to the conventional grinding, there is still a considerable portion of gold can not be effectively leached gold cyanide method. It needs to be preconditioned to make rational use of it, and ultimately obtain economic benefits.

At present, refractory gold commonly used pretreatment technology including roasting oxidation, pressure oxidation, bio-oxidation technology, vertical roller mill technology. Among them, the vertical roller mill technology has the advantages of low oxidation degree of sulfides, no need of neutralization and precipitation, good arsenic stability in leaching residue and environmental protection economy, and has broad space for development. vertical roller mill technology is the use of special crushing equipment for grinding, impact, shear, etc., the material crushed to 10 ~ 15 mu m fine particles, the material has a large specific surface area, high surface activity, chemical Fast response and other characteristics.

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