vertical roller mill powder method

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vertical roller mill powder method

Ora: 31 Ottobre 2018 presso 18:00 a 31 Ottobre 2019 presso 19:00
Luogo: 中国
Via: No.416, Jianye Road, South Jinqiao Area,Pudong New Area
Città: shagnhai
Telefono: 2158386176
Tipo di evento: equipment
Organizzato da: jerry
Attività più recente: 31 Ott 2018

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vertical roller mill In the process of grinding materials, processed materials need to be collected into a finished product, the quantity collected every hour determines the efficiency of the mill, the time to collect attention should be to prevent the finished product mixed with other substances , Affecting the purity, is a very important process, then when collected, what are the ways?

Ultrafine grinding For the material processing, the general process is three: feeding - grinding - the material, each process is very important, have affected the efficiency of production and other aspects of the situation, we have introduced before the material and Grinding, pay attention to the problem, but rarely analyze the situation of the material, because the discharge time to pay attention to the content is relatively small, as long as the collected material can be collected, but when collected, there are a lot of Different ways, this article is to analyze the vertical roller mill in the collection of materials, the common method what are the problems.

The method is direct bagging + manual measurement method: This method is more primitive, mainly relying on human labor to carry out, after the production of materials, after the discharge of vertical roller mill, by artificial into the bag, the process of loading Calculate and see how much of your product is excreted

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