quality grinder bearing box

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quality grinder bearing box

Ora: 23 Novembre 2018 presso 18:00 a 23 Novembre 2019 presso 19:00
Luogo: 中国
Via: No.416, Jianye Road, South Jinqiao Area,Pudong New Area
Città: shagnhai
Telefono: 2158386176
Tipo di evento: equipment
Organizzato da: zzgl5656
Attività più recente: 25 Ago 2020

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Quality grinder process, its lubrication operation can not be reduced, in the lubrication process, there are many problems to be noticed, such as the nature of lubrication, model, such as lubrication cycle, etc., but there When there will still be failures, here is to introduce the phenomenon of oil leakage bearing box is how, how to solve the problem.

Ultrafine grinding in the field of mill production has an important position, the processing of ultrafine powder has applications in many industries, so the machine is very popular in various industries, its quality and performance at the time of purchase, Customers focus on the issue of concern, but the quality and performance of good equipment, and can not completely avoid possible failures.

In the quality grinder internal structure, the bearing box is located in the fan position, and according to the analysis of its structure, you can find the phenomenon caused by oil spills There are two main, first oil seal is broken, this fault is a better solution , Only to replace the oil seal can be, and the other is the bearing box itself, but also its manufacturing process itself, the phenomenon of cracks in production, will lead to the phenomenon of oil spill.

For the two reasons mentioned above, the solution is different for the oil seal broken oil leakage caused by the phenomenon, as long as the replacement of the oil seal can be, but for its own problems, only to replace the bearing box to solve the problem of oil spills, This solution to the high cost of failure, so pay more attention to the time of purchase, the quality of the problem.
The article mainly introduces the reasons for the oil leakage in the production of the quality grinder bearing box and the solution to the problem. From the introduction, we can see that when purchasing, the quality needs to be cautious and the good quality is very important.

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