Mold manufacturing has become a strategic cornerstone

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Mold manufacturing has become a strategic cornerstone

Ora: 6 Gennaio 2020 da 18:00 a 19:00
Luogo: plastic bottle blowing mold company
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In recent years, China's industrial strength has continued to increase, ranking the world's largest mold manufacturing industry, and its influence on the global mold manufacturing industry has continued to increase. The rapid development of the mold manufacturing industry has driven the innovation and development of other domestic industries, played a huge role in expanding employment, increasing income and improving people's lives, and effectively promoted the process of industrialization and modernization in China. “Going out” faces greater risks.

Throughout the history of modern world, the rise of big countries began in the mold manufacturing industry, and today's world powers are strong countries in mold manufacturing. Looking at the future, China must enter the ranks of the world's economic powers, first of all to become a strong country in mold manufacturing. Emerging economies rely on resources, labor and other comparative advantages to vigorously develop processing mold manufacturing, and China has formed a homogenous competition, and China's mold manufacturing industry is faced with the double squeeze of the pursuit of soldiers after the previous blockade..

With the deep adjustment of the global economic structure, the contradiction in the development of China's mold manufacturing industry has become increasingly prominent, and the situation is not optimistic. In particular, the corporate governance structure is imperfect, and the international management capability is not strong.

From the perspective of industry, the development mode is extensive, the industrial structure is plastic bottle blowing mold company irrational, and the mold manufacturing industry lacks core competitiveness. The potential growth rate of the national economy tends to decline, the cost of production factors such as energy resources, land and labor is rising rapidly, and the ecological environment constraints are tightening. Mold manufacturing has become a strategic cornerstone for enhancing China's overall national strength and participating in global competition

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