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Ora: 2 Giugno 2020 presso 18:00 a 2 Giugno 2021 presso 19:00
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Filmmaking is a complex exercise that involves more than just the assembly of the right cast, crew, screenwriters, and storylines. Filmmaking is both an art and science that requires a director to consider and examine every detail in the process of creation, from the scripting stage to the screening of the message at a cinema hall. Interestingly, Sidney Lumet confesses that most directors selfishly take credit for the success of their films, yet filmmaking is a collaborative process that incorporates different people’s points of view. Sidney Lumet reveals these sophisticated expositions in his book titled Making Movies that was first published in 1995. The book details how each step in movie making forms a part of a mosaic. For this reason, making a single step in the movie making process is analogous to laying a tile that can affect the outcome of a whole project. However, the most memorable and insightful revelations concern Sidney’s assertion regarding the significant roles that actors play in a movie making exercise. In addition, Sidney asserts that the confidence of an actor is the determinant of the success of a film.
The paper examines one of the many films that were directed by Sidney Lumet to identify and, if possible, ascertain some of the revelations contained in the book written by Sidney Lumet. The film under review is The Verdict, which was directed and produced by Sidney Lumet in 1982. Paul Newman plays the protagonist Frank Galvin, a Boston lawyer suffering from alcoholism that destroyed his personal and professional life. Although Frank Galvin’s friend, Mickey Morrissey, has procured a job for Gavin in a malpractice case in the hopes of cashing in on an out-of-court settlement, Gavin has a change of mind and decides to pursue the case in court to its conclusion. Most of the themes and plots in the film revolve around Galvin’s attempts at seeking justice for the girl put in a coma by the irresponsible doctors of the Catholic Hospital in Boston.
Evidently, the character of Paul Newman is rather influential in the development of the movie. According to Sidney Lumet, most people dissociate the word “shy” with actors. However, Sidney Lumet acknowledges that actors occasionally have to reveal their true self in the characters they play in order to develop the themes of the movie. In this case, Paul Newman had to play his shy personality through the character of Frank Galvin in the film. This shy character required Paul Newman to be boring, non-confrontational, and non-eccentric. Although the cinema audience knew Newman as an actor who was always eccentric in most if not all films, The Verdict required him to be his true self. As a lawyer, Frank Galvin was expected to be eccentric, witty, and smart. However, Paul Newman applies his shy character to make Frank Galvin untypical of lawyers. For example, he avoids confrontation with the brother-in-law of the girl in a coma. Contrary to the expectations that Frank Gavin would affirmatively defend his decision to reject the $ 200,000 out-of-court settlement, he defends himself with expressions of doubts. Notably, this scene at the courthouse involving Frank Gavin and the girl’s brother-in-law also indicates one of Sidney Lumet’s most eloquent affirmations – movie making is not a sequence. The frame between 47:15 and 47:16 reveals an unusual discrepancy in the sequence of events. It seems that the shooting of this scene was interrupted and later joined. Although there are many scenes that can be used to verify the claims about movie making made by Sidney Lumet in his book, this scene and the rare character played by Paul Newman are a proof that actors have a significant influence on the development of themes in a film.

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Emily works as an editor and she is working on personal leadership philosophy now.

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