Grab chance to gain RSorder 7% off runescape 2007 gold til Sept.15

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Grab chance to gain RSorder 7% off runescape 2007 gold til Sept.15

Ora: 12 Settembre 2019 presso 1:00 a 15 Settembre 2019 presso 23:45
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Tipo di evento: rsorder, back, to, school, event
Organizzato da: ESO20171235
Attività più recente: 12 Set 2019

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Blizzard are now exploiting a common industry problem typical with Games as rs07 gold a Service, they are releasing completely barebones expansions with WoD, some aspects of Legion and now BFA. They are getting you to pay through subscription whilst they intentionally slowly fix the piece of shit they release, that you also buy up until it finally hits an enjoyable point. You get to play the enjoyable end point of the expansion for about 8 months and make you feel good about the game again and then they repeat the process again. Release a garbage shell of an expansion, get you to pay for 1.5 years for you to actually enjoy the final .5.

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