Eco-friendly crusher on railway

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Eco-friendly crusher on railway

Ora: 17 dicembre 2018 presso 18:00 a 17 dicembre 2019 presso 19:00
Luogo: 中国
Tipo di evento: equipment
Organizzato da: jerry
Attività più recente: 17 Dic 2018

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Limit of radionuclides in building materials, according to the national standard GB6566 - 2001 building materials radionuclides Limited provisions, radiation building materials by internal exposure index and external exposure index composition. Used for eco-friendly crusher products, brick, tile, wall and other building materials, radioactive specific activity of the natural radionuclide radium, thorium, potassium -226 -232 -40 should also meet the IRa = 1 and Ir = 1 requirements for hollow rate of more than 25% main building materials should also satisfy the IRa = 1 and Ir = 1.3 requirements.

Decoration materials can be divided into A, B and C three class classification method and use scope is as follows. Class A: (1) while satisfying IRa = 1 and Ir = 1.3, the range of use is not restricted. (2) class B: does not meet the requirements of a type decoration materials, but also satisfy the IRa = 1 and Ir = 1.9. The B class decoration material is not available for I class of civil building interior surfaces, but can be used for class I civil building exterior surface and all other indoor and outdoor decoration.

(3) class C: do not satisfy A, B class decoration materials requirements but meet the requirement of Ir less than or equal to 2.8 C class decoration materials. The C class decoration materials can only be used for building exterior finishes and outdoor other purposes.

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