Crushing machine common fault repair

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Crushing machine common fault repair

Ora: 3 Novembre 2018 presso 18:00 a 3 Novembre 2019 presso 19:00
Luogo: 中国
Via: No.416, Jianye Road, South Jinqiao Area,Pudong New Area
Città: shagnhai
Telefono: 2158386176
Tipo di evento: equipment
Organizzato da: jerry
Attività più recente: 3 Nov 2018

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In recent years the development of mechanical equipment is very fast, the stone crusher machine is one of the best examples, now many production fields, such as metallurgy, mine, coal, electric power and so on have application. Wide application, use for a long time the machine will naturally appear problem, even under the crusher operation procedures is also difficult to avoid the common fault of crusher. Then go to know how to avoid these failures?

First, the fault appears the most easily crusher in the operating rules is crusher belt turns, stone crusher machine repair master told us: meet the crusher belt appears when the inversion problem, should pay attention to whether the quality of the standard triangular belt itself, if it is triangle zone appeared injury must be promptly replaced; if it is in the triangle zone in the process of transmission due to the operating personnel caused by improper fault, and this is the time to suspend operation was adjusted to the correct position of the triangle belt.Second, the discharge is too large is a common phenomenon for the most common crusher fault.

In fact, many do not know when the crusher crusher operation rules is reasonable, whether there is a problem, can be observed through the discharge. General crusher discharging particles than the set is too large, it shows that stone crusher machine failure, can consider to be because of the fault vertical head crusher, or the gap between the head and the vertical crusher is too large will appear these problems, should be timely inspection and stone crusher machine maintenance.

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