Common failures and solutions of jaw crusher in use

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Common failures and solutions of jaw crusher in use

Ora: 6 Gennaio 2020 da 18:00 a 19:00
Luogo: shanghai
Tipo di evento: sh
Organizzato da: kuangshanposui
Attività più recente: 6 Gen 2020

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1. The broken tooth plate shakes, and the Impact Crusher Spare Parts of metal can be heard. Possible cause: The crushing cavity liner or crushing tooth plate is loose, and the fixing bolts are loose or broken. Remedy: Stop and inspect, hit the fixing wedge on the side wall with a hammer, and then tighten the fixing bolts or replace the damaged bolts. 2. Impact sound is generated in the thrust plate support pad. Cause: Insufficient or damaged spring tension, wear in the thrust plate support pad. Removal method: adjust the spring tension or replace the spring, replace the support pad or thrust plate.

3, the head of the connecting rod produces an Coal Grinding Mill impact sound. Cause: Eccentric shaft bushing wear. Elimination method: re-grind or replace the bushing. 4. Increasing granularity of crushed products Causes: The lower part of the broken tooth plate is severely worn. Elimination method: adjust the discharge opening and reduce the size of the discharge opening. 5. After the jaw crusher passes through the iron, the jaw stops swinging, the connecting rod swings back and forth, and the lever spring relaxes. Cause: The thrust plate is damaged or the rivet is cut off when passing through the iron. Elimination method: replace with a new force plate. Strengthen the iron removal work, and it is strictly prohibited that non-broken objects fall into the crushing cavity.

6. The thrust plate of the jaw crusher comes off from the support pad. The cause is: the tie rod or tie rod spring is damaged, and the tie rod nut is tripped. Remedy: Replace damaged parts and reinstall thrust plate. 7. The flywheel of the jaw crusher swings significantly, and the eccentric shaft turns slowly. Cause: The coupling key between the pulley and the eccentric shaft is loose or damaged. Remedy: Replace the coupling key. 8. The rolling bearing of the jaw crusher is hot. Causes and elimination methods: If the amount of oil is insufficient, add it; the oil is not good and you need to change the oil; the assembly is too tight and the belt should be adjusted; 9. After the jaw crusher is powered on, the host cannot turn up. Possible cause: The motor is burned or disconnected, and the belt is too loose. Remedy: Repair the motor or tighten the belt.

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